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Monday, 6 April 2015

Here are some of the cards that I have done for the Oddball Facebook Design Team!


  1. Were you trying to enter this into our challenge at Crafty Cardmakers Sue? If so there is certain things you need to do to qualify with all blog challenges. 1) You need to say whose challenge you are entering 2) Those challenges need to have a clickable link which leads back to the challenge blog post in question 3) check out the rules of each blog regarding how many challenges you may enter including their's etc.

    We have a good post about it Here

    When you have done the above I will be able to publish your post on our challenge via the linky you filled out. Otherwise, sadly I will just delete your link and it won't appear.

    Hope the information helps, but I can see you haven't been blogging long so were probably unaware of the etiquette.

    Crafty Cardmakers and More

    1. sorry, i am so new to this, trying hard to understand just what I am supposed to be doing. I have so much to learn, and thank you for helping find the way.Half of the time I don't understand the lingo,but I am learning. Your's is the first outside posting I have done, and look how that turned out,hahahahaha. Learn something new everyday!!

    2. Hey,I think I got it right this time. I didn't know that I needed to make a new post with all the info in it. So much to learn!

  2. Sue your new post, which I have just navigated to, does indeed have the correct information, but it's a different card to either of these two above here. So that one is absolutely fine and has been published on the blue linky underneath my challenge. As both of your cards above here have wings and you clearly wanted to add them, all you have to do is to go into blogger, and open up your posts and you will see this post and then you will be able to edit it and add the information in the same way that you added the information into your new post. Hope that's making sense! If you do that successfully you will have two entries into our challenge instead of just the one with the new card you entered yesterday.

    Lin x